This is a family history.

Ours is a family history. For more than 40 years, we have been working on fabrics following the evolution of the market, but still retaining passion, innovation and inspiration. . Everything started with our father. In the 1970s he began working in the textile industry by leading a laboratory that produced and marketed tissue for kits. From a small one we watched it carefully while behind the counter was intent on cutting the fabrics. . And thanks to the dedication and experience that he has been able to convey to us that in 2000 the generational transition to our children took place with the opening of a showroom for furniture fabrics such as curtains and armchair covers .. In 2010, we are experiencing a new evolution with the launch of the Arketicom brand with the creation and sale of furnishing elements combining craftsmanship and modern technology. In 2017, we create Arketicom Design, offering high-end style creations. . For the future, our goals are made of dreams that we want to achieve by working with love and serenity:

  • We want to affirm our brand on the international scene while remaining faithful to our identity
  • We want to identify ourselves as an ethical enterprise that produces through a short-term zero-impact chain that respects the environment
  • We want to dedicate our commitment and our products to a clientele attentive to detail and design
  • We want to grow our staff by continuing to have the family as a reference point and maintaining the close ties of human relationships that distinguish us.



How does Arketicom Design come from?

Every moment is the right one to let yourself be inspired. Everyday, curiosity is the engine of our ideas. We like to see things from new and different angles, for creations that are both comfortable and functional.


The Design creations are not just furnishing accessories but small masterpieces with innovative and cutting-edge lines. These poufs and ottomans are inspired by the art of the world. They are born to enhance the elegance of your environments without sacrificing practicality.


We believe in the strong link between functionality, aesthetics and design. Multipurpose line products are far more than they may seem. Style and quality will surprise you. A pouff can become an armchair, sofa or futon transforming to your desires and needs.


There is no evolution without innovation. The ongoing quest and desire to experience has led us to create the Arketicom Design Lab, where we devote ourselves to the discovery of new materials, for the pouff in the forefront of form and substance.


We wanted to devote a line of our creations to our four-legged friends, loyal companions of life. . Our dogs and cats are made with the same fabrics used for other furniture lines, to emphasize the equal importance of man and animal.


In Everyday Collection you will find everything that turn around a pouf or seat, whether indoor or outdoor! Actor of the first part in the furnishing of our home, and faithful friend for your relax a pouf or a design seat can be considered our faithful squires when you need to detach and relax! The poufs of the Everyday Collection line are all this.



Valentina, Luca and Roberta are the soul of the team. As sons they want to carry on the father's experience and passion, and his example in working with care and love for the details. All'interno della società si occupano di aspetti amministrativi, creativi e di gestione.


Our company is like a big family. Each member is fundamental and indispensable for creating the value of the end product. From tapestry to tailoring to logistics, each role fits perfectly with each other in synchrony and harmony.