Dog's Bed

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Our pets are our best friends and the ones who discovered this unconditional love, knows that it is a real miracle.Who would deny a lots of health benefits and moments of joy for your four-legged friend? It makes us happy only thinking about high quality products, improving pet’s comfort. Arketicom Design has created a range of tissue pillows for dogs, that provides our four-legged friends one of the best and relaxing naps ever!
Arketicom Design creates design products by passion and profession, but in this particular case we also involve a pure love in this process. And yes! Because we love animals and we live daily with them. Dogs are part of our lives as well as we are part of theirs. That's why we designed, created and tried even before the proposal of all the models in the collection dedicated to them.
All the products of the Arketicom Design Pet line are specially designed for dogs to combine great style,comfort, maximum hygiene and health benefits at the same time. The outer cover is completely removable with a special zipper. The fabric used is a classic texture with a very high abrasion resistance quality but the most important feature is the ability to wash the fabric lining even at 40 degrees in the washing machine. This way it always can be clean and fragrant, thus avoiding any parasites infestation. This aspect is highly important for maximum hygiene (we also recommend the use of perfume-free detergents). The inner padding is made of a special blend of hypoallergenic flake fiber and feather. We have obtained through the selection and joining of the two materials,the perfect balance between thermal and hygroscopic insulation from the floor and the correct support for the bone / muscle structure of our four- legged friends.
All Arketicom Design products are made in Puglia, the land where craftsmen, tailors, cutters, embroiderers and upholsterers meet daily with innovation, creating a new concept of Contemporary Tradition.
The decision of using the same materials, such as fabrics and padding, with which we make the other Arketicom Design products, comes with the desire to bring our beloved four-legged friends the same comfort and sensation as if they have a rest on our bed or our couch . This way, we also have the satisfaction to present a classy complement, thought even to the smallest detail and fully integrated into our residential or professional context. The color palette is wide and so the aesthetic appearance will not be overlooked. Choosing Arketicom Design Pets line, you choose the best for your four-legged friends.