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Sofa pallet, bean bag pouf and removable cover pouf | Arketicom Design

Removable cover footstool and pouf bed: elegant solutions for a daily comfort

The Everyday Collection line Arketicom Design is proof that elegance is a value to live even in everyday life. Born from the idea of also devote particular attention to those gestures repeated daily through the daily use of furnishing elements that are part of the house. For the indoor and outdoor furnishings, the Everyday Collection line gives the rooms beauty and functionality.

In the Arketicom Design online catalog are available different models of pouf for indoor and outdoor use and suitable for any furnishing need. All the declinations of the pouf element and design chairs for the care of your relax and to improve your daily life. These are different category creations by Arketicom Design:

  • bean bag pouf
  • removable cover footstoll and footrest   
  • pallet sofa cuschions
  • storage pouf
  • design pouf bed

These are just some of the creations by Arketicom Design. From the idea to the project, from the choice of original textures, to the importance of the right nuances, everything is taken care of in the smallest details to create unique objects.sono solo alcune delle creazioni firmate Arketicom Design. 

Design poufs and modern chairs to make your daily life special

The search for an attractive and comfortable design to offer quality and balance. A pouf for outdoor and indoor must be able to give voice to your creativity, thanks to dynamic models, offered in a multitude of colors, shapes and materials. Every area of the house requires great attention, every place has different needs. Cushion, shelter, decoration, for every moment of your day.

On the comfortable Arketicom Design seats you can enjoy a coffee, you can immerse yourself in a reading, you can watch a movie, you can listen to music, you can chat with a friend, you can simply relax. A modern pouf must be able to enrich your spaces inside and out, must be linked to different lifestyles, embellish every corner of the house.

A design pouf is suitable for every taste. A colorful and cheerful pouf, for adults, for children and even for the little ones. To satisfy, to underline, to underline, to increase, in order to live the house in a unique way. Paint the world around you with the beauty and originality of modern armchairs and sofas by Arketicom Design: always present, warm and comfortable, a pouf is impossible to replace. Perfumes, emotions, joys: a pouf describes your story. A unique object that enriches your time with great care for every detail. The shape you choose, the material you build with us, the imagination you can imagine and give life together with us to unique objects, always different, customized and built on your needs.

Customize your sofa or your pallet ottoman footrest

Soft, rigid, colored, striped, monochromatic, round, squared, decorative, cheerful, simple, trendy, timeless, with a retro soul. Arketicom Design ottomans are adapted to your needs and those of your space. Your concept of outdoor and indoor home takes shape, underlined by a unique object. A well-made pouf will accompany you forever, will be part of your journey, of your life in a unique and exclusive way, will amaze and amaze you, be with you whenever you need it. A faithful "friend" who will make you happy to return home.

Decorate your home means caring for details and for the smallest details. In the small find the precision and mastery, the research aimed at a single goal: to create unique objects that can fill without cluttering and without sacrificing practicality.

We have understood this in Arketicom Design from the first moment and every day we commit ourselves so that our world becomes yours.