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Chair's Cushion bench or upholstery for ottomans: essential accessories to complete the decoration

What will you find in this section? Well, here you will find the small accessories often underestimated but essential to decor kitchen, living room, bedroom and also garden environements.

Cushions for Kitchen Chairs and Customizable Bench Seats!

Chair cushions are among the most popular but often finding the right size is not easy! In Arketicom Design we have no rivals! In fact we can make any pillow of any shape and size. Round cushions or maybe for the garden benches, in Thonnet or Venice style, Square Cushions for chairs. You can choose the color and fabric for you, add the ties lace or decide not to insert them. In short, if you have doubts you can always send us an email ;) 

Footstools Covers or pouf-bed linings

To give life to an old pouf you can always wear a pouf with a new tailored lining! And as always if you can not find the measure, contact us!

Decorative cushions for indoor and outdoor sofas

The modern sofas you know, they are beautiful with their minimal style but sometimes they sin of comfort! Here comes the usefulness of the pillow, a complement necessary to move if you can but that can never be missing in a living room. We offer plain-colored cushions and fabrics for interiors or exteriors. From the classic 40x40 cushion, imagine being able to customize size and create a giant back cuschion 60x80 pillow, the ultimate in comfort. Also in this case, the customizations require a small study on our part, so contact us and we will help you to customize all the cushions for the furniture you want!

Beanbag Filling and Soft Pouffes

An essential ally to restore tone to your beanbag chair. When the poufs lose his shape, if you do not want to change style and you want to keep the can pouf you have to fill it, technically you'll have to blow it up a pouf. Insufflage with polystyrene balls will bring the beanbag back to its original shape.

And finally a section dedicated to the undecided: the choice of fabric and color for the realization of your piece of furniture!