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Multipurpose Storage Foot Stool Ottoman or Pouffe 

A Storage Box, a Footstool or simply a modular seat: Let's find out together!

Decoration of your house is more than a duty, let's face it, furnishing your home with the right taste! When all that surrounds us contributes to the result, fully reflecting our personal taste is pure joy. Finally we made our choices, all carefully, and now we look around satisfied. This is because we have managed to customize the place where we will return every evening. Any object, even the simplest, is worthy of our satisfaction. Including a Modern Storage Footstool pouf in the living room or bedroom, useful and attractive design. Our daily ally in the fight against disorder. Precious, because it must be said, it is useless to tastefully furnish our home, if we then leave it submerged in chaos. Why is a container pouf really for everyone? When you furnish, the first thought is not addressed to this object, though versatile, but once entered into our life, we realize what was needed, and how it was needed! Because we have so many things to store. Whether it's a small house or a spacious home, it's the same, the problem of the stuffing is always at the corner. Magazines, Books, CDs, Dolls and Games, children's cars, household linen, Bags, T-shirts, tools for DIY, mats and various costumes, battery chargers, Christmas furniture. And it applies to everyone at home. A Storage Pouf is really for everyone!

How to choose your ideal Footstool?

Today, this curious piece of furniture originally from Arabia is the object of attention by an increasingly sought-after public and is increasingly in demand. Today, the design pouf expresses all its versatility: armchair, including the convertible bed version, foot or footrest pouf, deckchair and, of course, a multi-purpose container, in response to the ever-increasing demand for hidden containers. Whatever role it covers, sometimes more than one, thanks to its modern design, the pouf can be classified as a contemplative, resistant and practical object. It is meant to be shown, without having the fear of ruining it with use, also because given that the materials and fabrics that compose it are accustomed to the wear and tear and its beauty improves with everyday life. With design poufs, storage footstool, multipurpose seats or modular objects, Arketicom Design contributes to the change in your home, in your living room, in the children's room and in your lives. You will be truly pampered by the best materials, from the search for the most modern solutions. Pouf chairs, sofa beds and without moving the entire living room, the entire room. Alternatives always able to maintain the design of the environments and the desired style. You can change without upsetting, you can rearrange without moving an entire furniture. Arketicom Design solutions are designed for the young, the young and for the little ones. Comfort is not linked to age. Everyone, from the smallest to the largest, needs comfort.