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Outdoor Footstool:  Garden Seats and Sofa Pouffes for Outdoor Living Lovers

Modern Footstool and Indestructible Pouffe Design. Let's find out together.

Let's think about it, in the collection of Footstool and armchairs of Everiday Collection by Arketicom Design you just have to choose the right objects and that adapt to all outdoor zones. For a pleasant relax corner, in Arketicom Design we have collected outdoor furniture complements. A wonderful choice of garden Footstools and outdoor seating to enjoy comfort. Outdoor breaks will no longer be a mirage thanks to the outdoor Footstools and versatile and Multifunctional Furniture Design for garden; very comfortable in the living room, but also useful outside. From the more rigid structures such as the Bullet Point pouf or the Check Point pouf, very useful also as a support or a table, to the softer ones, as in the case of soft cube or soft chill. Poufs on which you just dive on modeling according to your position. Modern Footstools with the most extravagant shapes: square Footstools, rectangular Footstools, soft Footstools or non-deformable Pouffes, the design Footstools you will find in the online catalog section of Arketicom Design, have a personality that makes them unique and irreplaceable. Made in a multitude of fabrics and colors they range from cotton to polyester, from linen to acrylic (excellent for outdoor)

Outdoor Furniture Decor: choose the Best furnishing accessory for all Tastes

If you are traditional and you think that a single pouf can not meet your needs, perhaps what is right for you is a relaxing armchair or a bean bag as 68 Outdoor Sofa Armchair. In this way you can relax lying down, while maintaining a more classic and less imaginative structure. This object has been designed with high quality materials, which allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors. A really fun idea is to place multiple outdoor Footstools and outdoor seating for the outdoors, in order to obtain a complex set of elegant and spend pleasant evenings in the company of friends. But the offer of outdoor pouf certainly does not end here: there are Giant Pouf available in different colors, to be combined with taste and wisdom to the furnishing of your home. A beautiful version is the line of soft Footstools, of which the soft chill and the soft cube are part of it. Made of a fabric that is well suited to both indoor and outdoor, allows you to enjoy the garden or the terrace on warm summer evenings. Maybe sipping a good cocktail or reading a good book, or, for the lucky ones, enjoying the sun by the pool on hot summer afternoons, lying down and completely relaxed. But this beautiful beanbag pouf can be widely used even in the winter months: what is, in fact, more warm and comfortable than this wrapping and soft object? Its warmth will pamper you on the cold evenings, inviting you to spend unique, unforgettable moments.

Easy to place and very light to move. This is how the Arketicom Design outdoor Footstools are made

Thanks to the padding, made with polystyrene balls that make them very light, the soft Footstools of the Arketicom Design line will ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. The size of these furnitures, which allow you to lie down on them, make these outdoor Footstools very easy to place in the most unthinkable corners. You can put them near the pool, to give a more modern touch to your outdoor, dedicate the corner in the veranda or set up the living space in the garden, perhaps combining more Footstools of different colors. For a modern-inspired outdoor, made up of a little pop touch and some modern accessories, Arketicom Design proposes its line of design Footstools available in a rich palette of bright shades. From now on these objects will create a cheerful and lively atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace. We at Arketicom Design leave nothing to chance; an external space, large or small, requires not only Footstools and Bean Bag and garden chairs, but also small and discreet badside table, essential in their function, rigid outdoor Footstools that can be used as a support surface or an irreplaceable accessory to create a very cozy space.

68 a Beanbag inspired to '68 ages!

If your dream is to lie down after a long day of work on a soft and relaxing pouf, the pouf 68 Sessantotto Sack is made for you.

Its main feature is that it is made in fabric in acrylic fabric (outdoor version) treated in such a particular way as to be soft to the touch, but above all resistant to atmospheric agents and therefore durable over time. The outdoor fabric, in addition to being ultra washable is waterproof enough to be placed outdoors. Rain, sun and wind can not therefore ruin your pouf. Your terrace, your garden will be furnished with class from this truly unique complement of its kind. You can enjoy wonderful afternoons in the sun or evenings with friends and refreshing drinks. All comfortably accommodated on the beanbag 68. This outdoor pouf has a simple but classy design, adapting to any type of furniture. The colors in which it is possible to realize it are many, among which the blue jeans, very casual, the gray, a delicate and neutral tonality. Graphite, to give a touch more rock'n roll and style to the environment. You can choose to place this beautiful pouf relaxing even in the living room or bedroom: it's really perfect for every corner of the house, to give that extra touch of personality! As always, don't forget ths is another of out 100% Hand Made in italy Furniture

An original and innovative Furniture Design: Fu Touf: the Pouffe that turns into a soft Fouton 3-in-1

Are you of those people who need a hug after a bad day? Do you like to feel pampered once you get home from work? A very nice and original pouffe is definitely the Fu touf. The soft futon pouf by Arketicom Design that will surprise you with its ergonomics and ease of use. These are just some of the parts of this outdoor pouf that will make you love from the first day. It can be used for those moments when the only thing you want is a hug, to comfortably take a nap, to relax and play. Do not wait any longer, you just have to try the relaxation therapy designed by Arketicom Design. Fu touf, the pouf that turns into a futon!