Multipurpose Seats

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Transformers 3-in 1: Solutions with Modern Multipurpose Seats by Arketicom Design

Practical and elegant: the models of single sofa beds and folding low tables to embellish the furniture

Have you ever thought that a 3-in-1 furniture as bedside table or an armchair could become a comfortable folding bed? With the creations of Arketicom Design everything is possible. Elegant, minimal and with attention to the smallest details, the chairs, armchairs and all the seats for the home available in the online catalog are essential elements that can not miss in your furniture.

Choosing the most appropriate furnishing accessories to better organize the areas dedicated to relax, means evaluating numerous aspects. From aesthetics to functionality, it is very important not to neglect all the aspects that make space unique.

Whether it is a private or professional indoor space, small outdoor areas such as a small terrace, up to large rooms what matters and that everything is well equipped and welcoming, with benches, tables, armchairs or beds as our table folding chair-bed for indoor and outdoor Diverso, ready to comfortably accommodate your friends.

The multipurpose seat models of design with customizable colors for all seasons.

Another aspect to bear in mind when choosing the multipurpose seat is its consistency with the period of the year. The multipurpose seats designed by Arketicom Design offer a variety of colors to adapt the armchair or the low folding table to all seasons. From the warmer winter colors to the liveliness of the summer colors, it is possible to choose and customize your design sofa to better adapt it to the context.

All Arketicom Design multipurpose seating models for Outdoor and Indoor are specially designed to improve moments of relaxation and daily life. The design creations are made by providing high resistance to UV rays and to the abrasion of atmospheric agents for external elements.

The spring that announces summer is known, makes you want to enjoy the air and live outdoors, it is right now that you are looking for ideas and inspiration to equip gardens and terraces. But even autumn makes us imagine cozy and comfortable interior spaces to share with friends during carefree evenings. In order not to be unprepared in a relaxation area, they can not be comfortable, elegant and functional.

It starts from here, from the choice of seating elements. Factor of great importance is to decide to coordinate the style between inside and outside, as if the exterior was an appendix of the house or decide to prefer something completely detached to enrich our new space with a different style.

But before the style it is good to think about the available space. For smaller relaxation room, such as small terraces it would be preferable to opt for small armchairs, perhaps modular, stackable and reclosable seats.

Each object tells itself and lives with the same needs of those who chose it. If we are looking for a relax area that is our oasis of tranquility, perhaps for an afternoon reading, then opt for a foldable multipurpose bed table for interiors and exteriors, a piece of furniture specifically designed to be at the same time, a low table for living room and a comfortable bed.

The solutions for outdoor furniture with Arketicom Design have no borders, whether it be small balconies or large attics or interior spaces, Arketicom Design will transform them into exclusive oases of relaxation. The constant search for details and the continuous search for exclusivity perfectly describe the identity and style of Arketicom Design.

In Arketicom Design you will find a range of proposals for outdoor and indoor as multipurpose seats, low tables for living rooms, chaise longues. A multitude of solutions for all needs.

Arketicom Design exclusively creates objects that are tested and able to withstand open environments and to give comfort and elegance to the interior spaces. The space will become a pleasant shelter from everyday. So do not temporize, free your imagination, combining objects and colors with different fabrics, with Arketicom Design you can!