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Outdoor and Indoor Footstool Design | Arketicom Design

The comfort and elegance of the multipurpose poufs to make your furniture unique and functional

Choosing a multifunctional modern footstool for the furnishing space is the best solution to give a personalized character to your environment. Whether it is domestic or professional, the choice of the most appropriate pouf for aesthetic needs is essential, without neglecting practicality. In every environment the details distinguish, characterize and give feelings of extreme personality to those who live them.

If you want to renew the look of your environment, customize it with our designer poufs. In the online catalog of Arketicom Design you can find the solution you are looking for and you will immediately perceive that, thanks to the finer details, everything will be easy and fun. Let yourself be surprised by the creations that Arketicom Design designs and creates with great attention to details and cutting-edge production processes to guarantee innovative and unique models.

Multipurpose pouf for interiors and exteriors and much more in the Arketicom Design catalog

The indoor and outdoor ottomans by Arketicom Design provide a variety of solutions for the home. Thanks to the originality of the models in the catalog, furnishing a living room, a bedroom, an entrance or a professional space will be extremely easy. You will have the opportunity to choose between pouf magazine racks, bedside table and multifunction and much more.

The use of Arketicom Design poufs is not limited only to domestic, even in professional environments such as office furniture, hotel rooms, outdoor spaces, halls, bed & breakfasts, poolside relaxation areas.

The passion and attention that Arketicom Design puts in its ideas is highlighted in every single detail. The creations are the result of a design studied and tested before being put into production. There are numerous models of ottomans proposed in the online catalog by Arketicom Design:

  • multipurpose footstool for outdoor use
  • multifunctional footstool for interiors
  • pouf in the shape of a cube and a cylinder
  • storage footstool pouffe box
  • Matryoshka footstool

These are just some of the possibilities created with care by Arketicom Design. We firmly believe that detail is the real fulcrum from which to start, a fundamental principle in the difference between simple objects and objects designed with an handmade passion! This is why our designer poufs can stand out in your environment, making them unique and unrepeatable, just like you. Let yourself be guided in choosing your pouf. 

Through our online catalog organized in a simple and clear way you will know each pouf in all details through accurate and in-depth technical data sheets. It will be our great satisfaction to participate in the realization of your furnishing project with minimal and elegant creations for interiors and exteriors that make the difference.

The style of the models that we usually choose to furnish our environments always reflects our personality. But what does a piece of furniture or a piece of furniture mean? It is all the small elements of furniture such as design poufs in an environment that personalize it, characterize it and make it unique.

The accessories as well as decorating and personalizing an environment making it exclusive, must also have a very important feature, the function.

The usefulness of a piece of furniture, in this case of a pouf for indoors or outdoors, is its ability to help improve domestic comfort. Let's imagine a cool pouf, let's imagine a pouf with removable covers in an eclectic fabric that is characterized by liveliness and that at the same time manages to capture the attention and to break the patterns in the environment with elegance and functionality. This is what we mean by domestic comfort.