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Floating Design: Armchairs, sunbeds, floating bed and cushion: the Waterproof Line by Arketicom Design

Let yourself be lulled by the Relax with the multi-purpose seats floating by the pool

Password: Relax! If you are looking for the right furniture for your outdoor spaces, to enjoy the relaxation by the pool, by the sea or in your outdoor spaces, you are in the right place! With Arketicom Design you can overcome any limit thanks to a line of floating seats entirely dedicated to the pool! With the Waterproof line, Arketicom Design surpasses every furnishing space and develops the most performing and evolutionary aspect of the floating seat and pouf concept! Enough with the usual and monotonous floating mattresses, now you can live in total relaxation your moments at the beach or in the pool thanks to the comfortable Apollo11 ​​floating chair, take a swim in the pool thanks to the floating bag Flot! or place your drink on the Europa floating footstool!

If you want to renew the look of your outdoor environments, customize your outdoor or your poolside spaces, with our designer outdoor poufs, in this section of the Arketicom Design online catalog you can find the solution you are looking for! Colorful, fun, resistant and original, the Raincoats furnish your garden and your poolside with extreme originality. And when you want to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation, take the luxury of throwing them in the pool, having a cocktail on the Apollo11 ​​floating chair or sunbathing on Kiatta, the floating bed that will conquer your heart! Let yourself be surprised by the creations that Arketicom Design designs and creates with great attention to details and cutting-edge production processes to ensure innovative outdoor furnishing models that are unique in their kind.

The outdoor pool line designed by Arketicom Design comes from the original design of the Arketicom Team that has created this collection of outdoor floating furniture, spas, wellness centers and, of course, private pools. The collection is entirely made up of unique pieces and design, perfect in water, which are transformed into elegant living rooms out of the water. The swimming pool furniture products are entirely made in Italy, recognizable by their originality and the multi-functionality that distinguishes them. Like every element of Arketicom Design, even the cushions and floating seats of the Waterproof line can be customized with colors and materials, to adapt to any environment, both indoors and outdoors. Armchairs, floating chaise longues, poufs and floating beds designed in modern and sophisticated style, to furnish with elegance in and out of the water.

Floating Bed Waterproof: footstool, chaise longue, deckchairs and floating armchairs 100% Made in Italy

Arketicom Design offers you a line of innovative floating seats, with modern and exclusive features. Our special floating seats are covered with an elastic cover specially designed and tested by the Arketicom Design Lab that best defines the concept of pool furniture, combining technology, performance, design and multi-functionality. No breakage, no annoying seam, no zip or velcro. The floating pouf Europa, for example, is made of high-density, non-deformable polyurethane foam, coated with a special spray technique with very high resistance to U.V, alkaline substances, chlorine and salt. Virtually indestructible! Whether it is domestic or professional, the choice of the most appropriate pouf for aesthetic needs is essential, without neglecting practicality. In every environment the details distinguish, characterize and give feelings of extreme personality to those who live them.

The Arketicom Design floating seats are also perfect for decorating a beautiful garden lounge, because they allow a variety of solutions for the outdoor and poolside areas. Thanks to the originality of the models and to the swimming pool seating featured in the catalog, you can enjoy your pool to the full. Discover the selection of  floating armchairs, mats and poufs to make your furniture unique!

The use of Arketicom Design floating poufs is not limited only to domestic, even in professional environments such as hotel, bed & breakfast, outdoor spaces, poolside relaxation areas.

The passion and attention that Arketicom Design puts in its ideas is highlighted in every single detail of creation. Our products are the result of a design studied and researched before being put into production.

Customize your design floating seats!

We firmly believe that detail is the real fulcrum from which to start, a fundamental principle in the difference between simple objects and objects designed to work! This is why our footstool and floating seats are able to stand out in your environment, making them unique and unrepeatable, just like you!  You can customize your floating seats with the colors that best suit your surroundings! Be guided in choosing your floating cushion to make your pool furniture unique. Small furnishing elements such as the poufs and floating mats Arketicom Design will create a sophisticated and exclusive environment. The cushions and the floating seats as well as decorating and personalizing an environment make it functional, indeed, multifunctional!